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  • How to make money
    finding and selling data?

    Many posts at Global Asset Search openly offer or imply remuneration for provision of solicited information. If data is sought for high-stakes litigation, the claimant would typically be ready to financially...

  • Read before posting

    While posting a message “I want to know where Mr. X keeps his money” may be OK as an expression of interest, make sure that you collect only legally obtained data from Global Asset Search users.

  • Advice on formulating
    asset search notices

    Here are some tips on how to improve the chances that your message will be seen by someone having the right information.

  • Read Before Replying

    Global Asset Search encourages you to follow the law applicable to you when deciding on replying to any of the ads posted here.

  • SEO & Marketing
    Unwelcome Message

    Global Asset Search is an information solicitation platform for investigations. We will delete without notice any content we consider unrelated to the purpose of this website.